uPVC Internal Window Frame Spraying

Key points:

NuColour Process

Stage 1
Cleaning & Degreasing
We clean the substrate using Vinylkleen and Scotchbrites which lightly abrade the surface. This stage removes all water-soluble contaminants and most oils. Next, we thoroughly clean the profile surface again using Windowprep and a clean white cloth.
Stage 1
Stage 2
This is the most time-consuming part of the job. During this stage we cover all surrounding surfaces of the profile that don't require painting to protect them from any overspray.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Next, we use specialist materials to remove any dust or swarf remaining on the surface of the profile. We then spray the profile with a dust coat and check for any contamination before proceeding to spray a full coat. We allow this to flash off then inspect for inclusions. If any are identified, we remove them with sand paper and apply a further coat.
Stage 3
Stage 4
Quality Check
Once spraying is complete, before we unmask the profile, an inspection across all painted surfaces is carried out to ensure we have a flawless finish.
Stage 4
Stage 5
Unmasking & Re-sealing
Finally, we unmask all surfaces and re-seal where silicone has been removed from the profile with a new, colour-coded silicone.
Stage 5

Small details, factory finish

Use the hotspots on the images below for a visual guide on the smaller details we pay close attention to when completing each project.

No Brush Marks
Keep The Effect
Two Tone
No Lip
Smooth Finish
Smooth & Shiny